Searching For The Answers


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GANBARU - Searching For The Answers
Released 11/03/2011 by Pee Records.
This was released under the name 'Declaration,' the bands name was changed to GANBARU in 2014.


released March 11, 2011

Produced by Julian Renzo & Declaration @ Legion Studio Productions, Williamstown, Australia
Mastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side, New York, USA



all rights reserved


GANBARU Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Searching
Searching, for the answers but I have not found the clues,
I have thrown the plans out of the window,
Because I have nothing to lose,
Searching, for some meaning, and some purpose i my life,
All I know is that I can't go on, and keep living this lie

There must be something more,
Something of some substance, that will strike me to the core,
And still the search goes on, as I seek validation,
That my actions truly matter, and that my efforts make a difference

Searching, For the path, and for the passion to lead me through,
But for all the wisdom gained, I have nothing to show,
Searching, and I'm searching, and I know I'm getting closer,
Closer to the end, of this chapter

I need to find the balance
I need to find the strength
I need to find the courage, to throw caution to the wind,
The search goes on, everyday
The search goes on, until I die

I'll find the way!
Track Name: Courage
There's always someone out there, that will try to undermine,
Try to take the things we love, and try to tear them down,
They speak just to be heard, without a thought or care,
they shoot right from the hip, and attack anything we believe

Taking back, the words once said, is not an option,
Or a means to an end,
Have the courage to make decisions, then back them up with actions,
For what you love, and for what you hold the closest to your heart

Ignorance is no excuse, so don't let them back pedal,
they will try to twist your views, they will try to twist your words

Stand by what you believe, stand up for your integrity,
Stand up for yourself, and wear your heart upon your sleeve.
Have the courage, to defend, what you believe to be the truth,
Have the courage to defend, your own point of view
Track Name: The Opposition
Rebuttal is one thing but stupidity is another
If there is nothing to be said then why do you bother?
Is it all just to get your face on TV
Or just a brazen attempt at reaching out to me

We’ve heard all of this shit before
Cheap shots slung from out the door
Same old arguments again and again
You can’t, believe
A thing that’s said

The opposition speaks out
No one listens, but they continue to shout
The opposition speaks out
But no one has a clue what they’re speaking about

We’ve heard all of this shit before
Cheap shots slung from out the door
Same old arguments again and again
You can’t, believe
Anything that they’ve said
Track Name: Missed The Point
You don’t want to bend,
You don’t want to give,
Because every time you’re in the right,
And you don’t care, it’s someone else’s fault,
You don’t think bout your actions,
Or the consequences,
You just think about yourself, and how, you can push ahead

You think that you’re owed something
But we don’t owe you a fucking thing,
You think that you deserve respect
But what have you done to earn it
You look down on everyone
And expect a smile to be returned
You look to us for some support
But you’re on your own pal, you’ve missed the point

You don’t really care
About who you hurt
Because every time you’re in the right,
And you don’t care, its someone else’s fault,
You don’t even think,
As you pass your judgements,
You think this makes you special, but it, just makes you look the fool

Every time you walk on by,
Every time you see those lights,
Can’t understand a thing that’s said,
Don’t understand where you fit in,

Always thinking a step ahead,
Always thinking above the rest,
You thought you had it figured out,
But you’re the one who missed the point